Thursday, May 29, 2008

thymes red cherie collection

Thymes Red Cherie Collection is awesome! It smells so yummy. I have been using their AHA Body Lotion (AHA is alpha hydroxy) and I love it. A full size of the body lotion is $32 (8.25 fl. oz and pictured left) which is also the most expensive item in the collection, over half of the line is $20 or less which I think is pretty reasonable. There is also a travel size version of the lotion for $6 (2 oz and pictured right) which is the one that I have.

The Red Cherie fragrance is a combination of pomegranate, ripe red cherries, passion flower and jasmine with a hint of Asian lychee and fruity musk. It's not overly sweet like you would think it would be given the list of ingredients and it's very light and leaves your skin really soft. The scent lasts all day long. I put it on after my shower and I can still smell it when I'm getting ready for bed.

According to, since it’s loaded with skin-loving vitamin E and antioxidants, hydrating shea butter and calming passion fruit extract, it leaves you with a healthy glow that’s nothing less than non-stop gorgeous.

Everything in the Red Cherie line is paraben free (I had no idea this was an issue until Jenn pointed it out on something completely unrelated and I was just reading some info on the Thymes line and found this out - kind of like you have never heard of Uggs and then you see a pair and then you can't walk 2 feet without seeing them everywhere - same idea, never heard of paraben-free or knew what it was and now I can't read a magazine or look at a product without seeing the words "paraben-free"). Thought I would share, but I digress.

One thing to note with the AHA Body Lotion, since it has the alpha hydroxy, Thymes recommends wearing a sunscreen while using the lotion and for at least a week afterwards. Something to keep in mind since we are coming into the wonderful, long awaited summertime.

There are 14 different products available in the Red Cherie collection and I will definitely be checking a couple more of them out. Plus the packaging is too cute and looks great out on display. I think any of Thymes products would add a little 'wow' factor to a guest bathroom.

I think I may need to conduct some more "research" for the blog and check out the bath salts in this heavenly scent.

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