Monday, May 12, 2008


I recently had the opportunity to try out two products from Trees.

In case you aren't familiar with the name, it's a new unisex bath + body line from Carisa Janes...creator of the uber chic Hourglass Cosmetics.

Let's just get this out there right now, I love this line.

I adore the packaging.

It manages to be both simple and chic at the same time...always maintaining it's unisex vibe.

I also love the way it smells.

Both the Ritual Bath + Shower Gel ($26) and the Ritual Body Lotion ($32) come in three scents:

Light- grapefruit, mandarin, and neroli
Magnet-vanilla, cedarwood, and sandalwood
Stairways-bergamont, bois de rose, lavender

I was given the Body Lotion and Bath + Shower Gel in Magnet to test run.

Due to the warmth of the scent, I have to say that I always feel very bohemian whenever I wear I should don one of my peasant shirts and a pair of my worn-in jeans, channeling Kate Hudson in Almost Famous.

Although, I am not blond.

And I will never be cool enough to travel on a bus with a band, singing Tiny Dancer at the top of my lungs.

But I digress...

The Bath + Shower Gel had a rich lather, but rinsed clean. It has a water base, but is still able to moisturize...due to the fact that it contains concentrated blends of plant-based extracts. Chamomile and Aloe help to soothe irritated skin, while Soybean targets your uneven skin tone. The Oat extracts it also contains, help to protect your skin from dryness and itchiness.

All I know is that my skin felt at once clean and soft. A balance that is hard to acquire using regular bar soap. The fragrance didn't wash away either, the faint warm scent still clung to my body after I dried off.

The Body Lotion was phenom as well. I've been a avid Creme de Corps user since I tried it ages ago. This is one of the few lotions I've tried that left me feeling satisfyingly moisturized.

It contains vitamins, antioxidants, and essential oils to help rehydrate your skin. Olive and Coconut Oils, combine to add moisture to insanely dry skin. Rosemary extract and Vitamins A and E, help to protect your lovely outsides from free radicals and other damaging environmental factors. Finally, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Orange, and Lavender extracts, all work together to make your skin look...well..better.

In addition to a body scrub and an intensive moisturizing creme called Recover, Janes also created candles in the six delicious aromas.

For more information on these products, or to see which stores carry the line, head on over to



monique said...

ohh...i want to try these...

beautylogicblog said...

This line sounds amazing. wow

Jennifer said...

Hey Monique!
Yes..def. try them. They have the two other fragrances that sounded gorgeous as well.
How's your day going?

Jennifer said...

Hey Dom!
Def. worth trying out. I'm curious myself to try the other scents offered.

How's your day going?

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