Friday, May 30, 2008

tropical paradise with slatkin and co.

We don't know about you, but the last time either one of us got whisked away to a tropical paradise was...well...never.'s sad.

Well if you can't get to the tropics, Slatkin & Co. is bringing them to you.

SCENTPORTs are the coolest things ever and the easiest way to deliver yummy scents throughout your house, apartment, or office space.

And now they come in these drool worthy scents, just in time for Summer...

PINEAPPLE MANGO A sunny, tropical blend of sweet pineapple, luscious mango, crisp lotus and a hint of warm vanilla.

VANILLA COCONUT A luscious and exotic blend of Tahitian vanilla and sunny, tropical coconut with the essence of warm ocean breezes.·

PINEAPPLE ORCHID A tropical blend of sun ripened sugared pineapple infused with the essence of White Orchid and Jasmine.

All of them sound phenomenal, but we're loving the floral...anything with Jasmine makes us smile.

Guarantee we'll be scooping up several of these for ourselves.

With Love (Always),
Jennifer and Christine


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