Monday, June 2, 2008

ban invisible solid in island falls

My sister and I have a running joke between us.

We always say, that we could be in a bikini in the middle of a snowstorm and we would still sweat.

We also say that when menopause finally hits...instead of getting hot flashes, we'll just spontaneously combust.

So for us, sweating is a pretty big issue.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind sweating while I exercise...but after I shower? thanks.

So, needless to say, I'm always on the lookout for a new deodorant/antiperspirant.

That's why I jumped at the chance to try this new Ban Invisible Solid in Island Falls ($2.99).

First of all, it smells great...a sheer floral that doesn't overpower everything else.

Second, it actually doesn't just mask odor, it eliminates it.

Case in point...

I took Little L to the park and literally chased him everywhere. Even though it was hot as all heck and I was sweating like mad...I still smelled nice where it mattered.

Plus, you don't get that nasty white stuff all over your clothes or under your arms...thank god for that, cause that's just gross.

Oh more thing...

If you head over to, you'll find a cute interactive site. It's filled with information about Ban products and even has a darling section called Movie Madness. There you'll find a few short and funny films, involving Ban deodorants's one of the films that I found on youtube...enjoy.

Stay fresh darlings!



Anonymous said...

I like their deo in Paradise Winds.

snb-the glamourista said...

i constantly worried about sweating until i tried ban, though i was skeptical. i'm a faithful user are right, it works where it counts!

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