Thursday, June 12, 2008

beauty buys under $10 - n.y.c.color minerals

N.Y.C. Color has jumped feet first into the mineral pool.

They've come up with a collection of mineral makeup, that's sure to delight drugstore divas.

The collection consists of a Loose Powder Foundation, a Natural Veil, a Loose Blush Powder, and a Pressed Foundation Powder...each one under $7.

And all except the Natural Veil, have an SPF 12.

They are talc-free, said to not clog pores, and are free of irritants.

The fact that they also come with their own little brush is just adorable.

Also, we love how the container has it's own little plug to make sure your mineral makeup doesn't accidentally get spilled all over your gorgeous white sofa from Pottery act that really freaked out one of us.

Note to readers...two year olds + mineral makeup = potential white sofa disaster. Trust in that.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
photo courtesy of n.y.c. color
proud member of total beauty and the bbn network.


Trisha said...

My only experience with N.Y.C. is with their liquid eyeliner, and I liked that. So maybe I should try this.

Jennifer said...

Hi Trisha,

For the price, they are def. worth a shot. Our resident "mineral expert" Christine will be reviewing this soon. We just wanted to give everyone a glimpse at what's out there now. If you try it, come back and leave us a comment! : )

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