Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the beauty ideal online beauty magazine

It's all about Summer and Summer travel over at The Beauty Blog Network's online beauty magazine, The Beauty Ideal. The editor this month is the glorious Jamie over at The Beauty of Life.

Over at The Beauty Ideal, you'll find some amazing beauty articles written by our fellow Beauty Blog Network friends. A couple of articles that caught our eyes, were Summer Vacation Hair and Airplane-Approved Beauty. Lord knows we each could have benefited from those tips on both of our recent jaunts!

Great reading and stay beautiful!

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine


sarahPUFFY said...

First, in response to the Sally Hansen post: Haha, I do obsess over plumpers. Sally Hansen was my first! By god, did it ever taste horrible. I'll def check the blog again on Thursday!

and Second...you've been tagged! [blame the Muse!]


Jennifer said...

Hey Sarah!

Thanks for the tag...we'll get to work on that. Although I must warn you, we are a little slow with tagging posts lately.

LOL to the SH experience with your first plumper! The ones we talked about def. won't fall into that category! That must have been the first thing they fixed! : )

Def. tune in Thursday...I think they'll be a great surprise for our readers! ; )

sarahPUFFY said...

Oh that's no problem at all. With us packing for the new house, it look me at least 2 hours to finish. Man, did I feel old, haha.

Its not even that it was a bad plumper! But hot damn, my freshman year, I had the biggest, glossiest pout around. Hurt like hell, but I looked good! LOL. I planned to get my hands on Prime Venom [I've been all about a matte neon pink lip these days], but I think I'll try to see how these live up.

See ya tomorrow! ;D

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