Tuesday, June 17, 2008

bramble berry mineral eye shadow kit

For all of you out there who like to have control and do everything yourself - here's the perfect makeup for you. Bramble Berry Mineral Eye Shadow Kit ($44.99) lets you be the creator of your own eyeshadow. The kit has everything you would need to make matte eye shadows and shimmer eye shadows.

The Kit includes:
5 containers of mineral bases (the actual ingredients for eye shadows)
9 pigment powders (the colors)
10 empty eye shadow pots
5 measuring scoops
2 cosmetic brushes
1 detailed instruction manual

According to brambleberry.com all you need to do is 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Add 3 scoops of desired mineral base into an empty jar.
Step 2: Add desired pigment or pigments.
Step 3: Mix well.
Step 4: Carefully pour into a shadow pot.
Step 5: Apply.

I tried out this experiment over the weekend. I have mixed results. I think if I didn't have MJ running in and out every 2 seconds it would have been easier. Or if I had waited until it was his naptime, it might have gone more smoothly. Let's just say, I tend to spill things and this stuff got everywhere. It did give the counter a nice sparkle though.

Once I grasped the instructions, I went on to make 3 different colors. First, you have to make the base (either shimmer, matte or simple - I made the simple, it only involved mixing 2 items). Then you pick out the recipes for the color you want to make and add in the pigments to your base. I made a periwinkle, light gray and medium gray. If you had some time on your hands you could go crazy and probably come up with quite a few unique colors. They give you recipes for violets, blues, greens, metallics, browns, and grays. And for each color you can make it either shimmer or matte. So there are a lot of options.

It goes on really well, as with most mineral makeup, a little goes a long way. What impresses me is how long it stays and there is very little creasing, but I also use a Bobbi Brown cream shadow as a base, which helps keep everything around longer and keeps everything from creasing. Either way it does last all day. I'm too much of a convenience person and like my makeup already all together for me but like I said before, if MJ was older and I wasn't constantly keeping an eye out for him all day long, this would be fun to do. Or have the girls over and drink some wine and make makeup - think of the crazy colors bound to happen.

They also have do-it-yourself kits for blushes, foundations, bronzers and lipsticks. All of these plus the eyeshadow kit can be purchased at brambleberry.com.

photo courtesy of brambleberry.com


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