Wednesday, June 11, 2008

clinique quick eyes cream eyeshadow

When your day consists of rushing from here to there, dragging a toddler who
loves to fight you every step of the's nice when you find something
that looks good with minimal effort

That's why I love jeans, Converse sneakers, tunic tops, and this.

This is the easiet thing to use and looks great on. You just twist out the applicator, apply a couple of dots on your eyelids, blend with your fingertips, and viola...your cuteness factor just went up about ten points.

It comes in nine gorgeous shades, but I fell for Sea Shell. It's kind of a taupeish-step-above-nudeish gem that looks great with my light to medium complexion.

And, because it's transfer-resistant and crease-proof, as I'm sweating like mad while removing a kicking and screaming toddler from a grocery store balloon display, at least I'll look good doing it.

Suggested retail price is $15 at , or any major department store.

photo courtesy of
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total beauty and the bbn network


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