Saturday, June 21, 2008

fun in the sun - nobis headwear

These are some cute hats from nobis that are perfect for summer and help protect from the sun. I know I always have an issue with forgetting about covering up when I head out.

Fashionable headwear is a great incentive to cover up, while wearing the perfect accessory for any outfit. At nobis, life is about defining yourself through creative-driven headwear, as their summer collection is a true expression of individuality and personal style.

Here are a couple of the many, many hats that are available from nobis...

- Maxi (pictured left): Whether you're looking to spice up your lake-side look or head out for a day of errands on the town, this cotton canvas newsboy cap is the perfect accessory for the casual gal in all of us.

- Hidi (pictured center): A cotton French terry poorboy, this hat is available in four colors and is made for the mysterious gal looking to hide out at the beach or in park while reading her favorite book.

- Boots (pictured right): Heading out for a day on the town or a little league baseball game? This plaid cotton ivy cap is the perfect accessory for any summer activity.

Check out nobis for more information and where to buy these hats.

with love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
photos courtesy of nobis


Inspired... said...

cute, cute, cute! Love those hats!

Christine said...

thanks for the comment! i know, right? i still can't decide which is my favorite.

btw, love your site. your jewelry is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love those styles, where can I get it?

Jennifer said...

Try, or check on the pink nobis in the posting. They have a section on their site that can help you figure out where you can buy them. : )

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