Friday, June 13, 2008

nutra luxe md plus bio-peptide complex

It needs to be announced, that Little L is at that stage where he feels afternoon naps are so over.

Sad, but true.

He used to take the greatest naps ever...between two and three hours...and still go to bed at night and sleep through till morning.

Well, those days are gone.

Instead of me getting a million things done around the house while he dozes, I'm running around trying to keep up with him and trying to beg him to take a nap.

Not fun.

As I drag myself out of bed each morning...or I should say Little L drags me out of bed, he also climbs out of his crib and likes to arouse me from my sleep by pulling the covers completely off of me...and get ready for the long day ahead, I like to use this.

This Bio-Peptide Complex, which to me looks like a crazy experiment gone awry, is what's been my saving grace.

It's a hydrating serum that you can use on your face to protect it and make it look a whole heck of a lot better. It says it's moisturizing enough to use on it's own, but I've been adding my lotion with spf on top and I love it. I have to say that my face has a glow and looks like I actually get more sleep than I really do.

Why the funky suspended colorful doo-hickeys? Well, here's what they have to say about that:

Especially selected to fight and help diminish wrinkles and lines, these BIO- PEPTIDES are formulated with other potent active ingredients and with the Vitamin C l-ascorbic acid/ Vitamin E Complex. Unlike products with similar Peptide ingredients, we also eliminated creme fillers, which provide no benefit and clog your pores. Instead, we developed a moisture rich serum, in which the micro- encapsulated ingredients are suspended.

It even contains an SPF of 30 and no parabens.

Nutra Luxe MD has an amazing assortment of skin care delights. Check it out an see for yourself!

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