Tuesday, June 24, 2008

oopsy daisy beautiful baby

This line of baby care products is pure genius!

I wish I had known about this about 2 years ago when my darling MJ was first learning how to eat something that wasn't in a bottle. I still have nightmares about cleaning the walls in that kitchen. Even now, there are nights when a bath is just not in the cards. Or on non-bath nights, MJ always seems to know and somehow slide down a grass hill or just can't help himself and has to jump in the puddle in the parking lot.

The Oopsy Daisy Beautiful Baby line was created by a mom who was inspired to invent High Chair Hair Care after one too many spaghetti slinging episodes with her two daughters. After endless searching for a quick, no rinse cleaning solution, only to come up empty handed, she decided to create her own.

Jenn tried out the High Chair Hair Care ($18) on Little L and noticed that it left his hair really clean and soft. She also mentioned it smelled really nice. The Hair Care contains all-natural orange, vanilla and lavender scents. And it works by putting the foam into your child's dry hair, wipe away, brush and go. Really, it's that easy.

On MJ I have been trying out the No Bath Bubble Bath ($18). It's a no water needed--way to quickly clean up hands covered in dirt, faces hiding behind chocolate pudding, or whatever your curious kid gets into. And it has the essential oils of lemon verbena and lavender, so, it smells really nice as well. And it also works really well and I have seriously thought about getting one for the car, diaper bag and each floor of my house. I love my son, but he's a boy... who's about to be 3. Clean just isn't in his vocabulary yet.

There is also Pip Squeaky Clean (an all-natural shampoo and body wash), Cutie Pie Curlz (an all-natural leave-in conditioner), and Kiddo Kream (an all-natural head to toe moisturizer infused with Shea butter, aloe and jojoba oil). All products are available at oopsydaisybb.com.

No more stares as I walk through the mall wondering what people are staring at, only to realize MJ is covered in his snack or juice or whatever else he manages to find and only having wipes to help me out.

photo courtesy of oopsydaisybb.com


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