Monday, June 30, 2008

rescue your nails... ji baek

I think that I am probably the oldest subscriber to Teen Vogue.

It's actually the only teen magazine that I get for a couple of reasons...

1. Teen Vogue is way cooler than any teen magazine that existed when I was younger...and you can incorporate their makeup and fashion trends into your wardrobe and routine.

2. I got a subscription for this and regular Vogue, on, for the most amazingly sweet deal.

Checking out my August issue that arrived yesterday...thank you very much...I zoned in on a quick little article on Ji Baek.

If you don't know who she're about to.

She's the founder of Rescue Beauty Lounge nail spas in NYC. You know...the ones that women flock to in droves?

And she's so incredibly cute, it's ridiculous.

Anyway, she has a new book out called Rescue Your Nails: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Perfect Fingers & Toes ($11

It's a book I'm actually thinking about buying, considering I have nothing like this at home. Plus, it's a chance to hear some great information and tips.

She gives a couple in TV...just for a tease.

Here's one...eye cream is great for softening cuticles. She doesn't give a particular one, but I always just rub in the extra cream after I apply mine under my eyes. Also, if you ever get a gwp and you positively hate the eye cream (or face cream) they give you...I would definitely keep it in your nightstand drawer and apply that to your cuticles as well. Just a suggestion.

Another one...sterilize your metal tools by putting them in boiling water. Good advice considering I tend to use my tools after just giving them a quick swipe with alcohol. So, clearly my sterilization technique needs an upgrade.

She also shares some of her fave products and I am loving her nail color selection. Gorgeous.

Looks like I am going to have to grab Christine and plan a girls night with a mani and a movie.

That is...unless I could convince Big L that blue would look great on his toes. Hmmmmm.

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monique said...

i saw this book, too...sounds like a great one to add to the collection. i'm sure it is loaded great tips! (no pun intended--LOL!)

and don't worry about reading teen really is a great magazine for those of us who are not in our teens...;)

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