Monday, June 9, 2008

skinn cosmetics highlight, bronze, blush, and sculpt kit

The other day, I was having a major moment.

I had to be ready to go out in a hurry and I couldn't find my favorite blush.

Traumatic? Yes.

Was my husband sympathetic?

In a

His comment?

Come on Jenn you look fine, let's just go already.

Which in translation means: I-really-am-getting-tired-of-waiting-for-you-and-even-though-you-look-about-as-palid-as-a-corpse-I-really-want-to-go-so-I'll-just-throw-out-the-old-standby-guy-

So what did I do?

Well, to save an argument, I grabbed this palette and a couple of brushes and left.

In the car, to give my face a little oomph, I applied some of the bronzer to my face (where the sun would naturally hit) and applied a pop of color to my cheeks with the gorgeous coral-ly colored blush (for reference they are the two colors located to the far right of the palette, one underneath the other).


It gave me an subtle jolt of color without looking like I had a ton of makeup on.

The best part, it lasted through the night, until I washed it off.

This is me the next day, with the replicated look.

I took this photo in my bathroom in natural light. It's a pretty good example of how cute the blush color is and how it turned up on my skin.

Just for reference, I'm also wearing Redpoint's Transformative Dual Foundation...which I have fallen in love with and will be reviewing soon.

I also have on the bronzer from the palette as well.

The palette does come with two other blushes, a highlighter, and a contour blush as well. All of the colors are labeled universal and I think that most skin tones will be able to get away with them because they layer very well.

The Highlight, Bronze, Blush, and Sculpt Kit is available at and is only $44 for everything you see above.

photo courtesy of
total beauty and bbn network member


Denice said...

Ah Jennifer, you are such a natural looking beauty! Thanks for the tips!

Jennifer said...

Hi Denice!

Thanks! I try my best.: )
How do you like my mad photo taking skillz? : ) I literally was in the bathroom taking photos for a good 10 minutes before I got a shot I liked. Glad you liked the tips! : )

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