Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I know you have probably already read other reviews about Spinlash, but I thought I would give you my spin on it.

Hee hee, "spin on it" because it's Spinlash.

Oh man...cold medicine makes me funny.

Let's hope the rest of this makes any sense.

So, Spinlash is a mascara wand that rotates to help apply your mascara better. It spins in 2 different directions to help you depending on how you are holding it or where you are applying it. It comes with it's own tube of mascara that locks onto the wand, but you can also use it after you have applied other mascara to get rid of any clumps.

I have used it primarily to get rid of any excess mascara that I have already applied. You know, when you think one more coat would be great but you were wrong and it ended up being one too many. Well, use the Spinlash and it separates and gets rid of clumps beautifully.

The only downside to the Spinlash is that you can't change the batteries in it. It's supposed to last 90 days (the length of time you are supposed to keep mascara). Considering it's $14.95 and I only use it as an electronic mascara brush, I don't think I would buy it just for this use. If I were to use the mascara that came with it, then it would be worth the $15.

I did try the mascara that came with it once. It wasn't my cup of tea. Since I started using the CoverGril LashBlast, there are very few mascaras that can compare.

If you haven't tried out the Spinlash yet, stay tuned to beauty in real life and a few of you may be able to give us your spin on it. wink, wink

photo courtesy of spinlash.com


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