Monday, June 16, 2008

summer book exchange at kiehl's

Alright all of you book and Kiehl's lovers, this one's for you.

From June 24 through Labor Day, you can visit your nearest Kiehl’s store, drop off a book you've read to death, and pick up another one!

Customers who purchase a Kiehl’s sun preparation will also receive a Limited Edition “Safer Fun in the Sun” bookmark, to further remind them of the importance of sun protection.

Kiehl's has this to day about sun protection...

At Kiehl’s, we hold firm in the knowledge that the regular use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen is a vital aspect of any daily skincare regimen and the key to healthy, protected skin. We strongly recommend the consistent use of sunscreens for the face, eye area and body on a daily basis throughout the year, even on cloudy, seemingly “sunless” days. Because summer days are the longest of the year, and there’s greater interest on outdoor activities, it’s even more important that the face and body be fully protected.

We love Kiehl's products here, and use many of them regularly. Neither one of us will exit the house without at least an SPF 15 on ourselves and we both slather our little guys with the highest SPF we can find.

Head over to to see their great assortment of sun products.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
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