Thursday, June 26, 2008

tarte lash stain 4 day stay

Tarte's new 4 Day Stay ($18) is a lash stain with PolyFlex™ technology just hit stores in May. Just in time for all the fun in the sun.

According to Tarte, the 4 Day Stay is designed to keep lashes looking naturally full for 4 days without reapplying! Our new PolyFlex™ technology allows mineral derived pigments to adhere to lashes for extended wear-time while keeping them soft and flexible – so whether you’re hitting the pool or hitting the shower this gentle lash stain will keep lashes looking fresh, and won’t fade or flake!

skinvigorating™ ingredients:

  • water
  • provitamin B5
  • mineral pigments
  • PolyFlex™ technology: tarte’s proprietary polymer blend. It allows natural mineral pigments to adhere to lashes for up to for 4 days while remaining supple and flexible.
Other skinvigorating™ benefits:
  • synthetic dye free
  • mineral oil free
  • petro-chemical free
  • sulfate free
  • fragrance free
A BIG important thing to mention here is to avoid ALL oil-based products around the eye area while wearing 4 day stay lash stain...this means ANYTHING with oil (eye makeup removers).

I am still in the process of trying this product out. I have only tried it a couple of times and I have to admit I have not left it on for 4 days. I have too much of a routine going on and by the time I realize what has happened the makeup remover has already been applied and it's too late. My goal next week is to put it on Monday and see how long I can go. So far, I do like how the brush is curved. It really helps get into the inner corner of the eye.

It is available at Sephora,, and any where else you can find Tarte.

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sarahPUFFY said...

Que chevere! I'd been wondering about this stuff after Moxie's review, and so far it sounds worthy.

Christine said...

Hi Sarah,

I just read moxie's review and I agree with most of it.
I have only tried it once and it didn't last 4 days but it did last until I took it off. That's why I feel like I need to try it out a couple more times and see how long I can go before I have to remove it, rather than me forgetting that it's not regular mascara and take it off at the end of the day.

And congratulations on being one of our lippie winners!


sarahPUFFY said...

I actually have a problem with forgetting to take off mascaras [the longest I've worn one was 2 days, but not by choice, but because CG wanted to kill me]. Although its not the typical mascara, I'm thinking that if it doesn't flake off gradually, it'll at least smudge a bit if it comes in contact with your hands [or just your natural oils in general].

And thankies! I'm very excited about it. :D

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