Thursday, June 19, 2008

warren tricomi shampoo and conditioner

On and off over the last month or so I have been using Warren-Tricomi PureStrength Shampoo and Conditioner for fine hair.

And I like it.

It smells wonderful. It rinses out well and doesn't weigh my hair down at all. And I have about as fine of hair as you can get. Granted I have a lot of it, it's still really fine. I have sad, sad ponytails when the hair is longer. I digress.

I am still using my Matrix Amplify and the John Frieda Sheer Blonde, but it's nice to know I have other options that work really well. I also don't have all 3 pieces of the set. There is shampoo or cleanser, closer and conditioner. And according to the website the Close (the one I don't have) is an integral step in the PURESTRENGTH™ Three-C System (Cleanse, Close and Condition). The active ingredient in Close instantly causes the cuticles of the hair to lay flat, sealing in moisture, leaving fine hair stronger and protected with noticeable volume.

So.....I guess I might need to try the Close step to see if I notice stronger hair and more volume. Although, even with just using the shampoo and conditioner I am happy with the results. It does seem to work better on days that are less humid, but that can be said for many hair care products.

The description for the PureStrength is for those with fine hair, especially hair that’s been color-treated and/or hi-lighted, often turn to heavy styling aids and rich conditioners to add body and volume. This only weighs the hair down making it appear lackluster and dull. No more. The PURESTRENGTH™ Three-C System for Fine Hair provides a healthy boost of nutrition and hydration to transform unruly limp, thin hair into strong, thick and healthier strands.

They also have this set for all hair types and for extremely dry and damaged hair. There is even a trial set for all hair types for $20 (pictured right), which is a great way to try out all 3 steps for less than the price of one bottle of their shampoo. The regular size sets are normally $75 but are on sale right now for $67.50. And you can also buy the shampoo, closer and conditioner individually for $22-$28. You can purchase everything mentioned at

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