Friday, June 13, 2008

what's in jennifer's bag?

Have you ever wanted to peek inside another woman's bag, to see what exactly they're carrying in there? How about a beauty blogger?

Well over at Product Girl, Carla's been featuring what's inside the different bags of her fellow beauty bloggers. can take a peek inside my bag and see what exactly is going on in there! Head on over and take a look!



Beauty411 said...

Love you LV handbag...I've got a little collection, too. And I answered my questions. Head over and check it out!

monique said...

fabulous jenn!

i have the same Louis bag and wallet! but my wallet is also a multi-color...a gift from a friend's mom. :)

i have been enjoying Carla's glad you got to participate!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Beauty 411:

Ok...I have to see your collection, because your Chanel had me at hello. Can't wait to see your responses! : )

Hi Monique:

Love the multi-color wallet, been thinking about getting a new wallet lately. LV's are insanely addicting....just ask my hubby! : )
The series was fun...thanks! : )

sarahPUFFY said...

oh yayyy. I like reading WIYB posts solely for the makeup. I liked seeing all the gloss! I hope that gentle plumping treatment really IS gentle...the shades look so pretty! *drool*

Jennifer said...

Hey Sarah!

I told you guys I was a lip gloss addict...I have too many to count in another makeup bag!
BTW my old tag post has been ammended with the addition of you...I finally remembered that you tagged us eons ago! Sorry! : )

sarahPUFFY said...

I have nothing but balms in my bag right now - I'm still hunting for a good gloss for summer - and hopefully - the next school year! And I totally forgot about that tag - I think the insomnia has made my mind screwy!

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