Monday, June 23, 2008

you look mauvelous...bobbi brown limited edition face palette

Bobbi Brown puts out the most to die for palettes...doesn't she?

Her colors are always beautiful and there's never some rogue, random, ugly color in the lot.

The limited edition Mauve Face Palette ($55) is sublime, with three colors for lips and eyes and one gorgeous blush.

Colors for the palette are...Navajo, Vintage, and Chocolate Mauve Eye Shadows; Mauve Blush; Dusty Mauve Creamy Lip Color; Mauve Lip Sheer; and Vintage Mauve Lip Color.

All packaged in her easy-to-take-with-you case.

Another limited find?

Her limited edition Mini-Brush Set ($55).

If it sounds a little steep consider comes with its own case and (separately) the brushes alone would cost you a great deal more.

Plus, we're all giddy over the sheer mini-ness of it all.

Right now, both can be purchased over at Come July, they will be available at all Bobbi Brown counters and at

Also, Neiman Marcus is offering free shipping at any price with the code SHOPNM...just enter it at checkout. It's only for a short time, so hurry on that. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is doing free shipping with any purchase of $75 or more.

Considering gas is like $10 a gallon right now, you're saving right there. Hopefully we'll be reviewing this soon...if we can ever get out to the mall.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
photos courtesy of bobbi brown


diana said...

I like the mini brush set. It's really cute and because it's small, it can fit in my purse. Thanks for the post.

BeautyChick101 said...

Ahh! I want them both! I love Bobbi Brown.

Jennifer said...

Diana and Beauty Chick:
I love anything and everything BB. It's so easy to spend a small fortune on a visit to a BB counter. : )

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