Tuesday, July 22, 2008

5 minutes, 5 questions with denise estrada

Here is another installment of one of our favorite features, 5 minutes, 5 questions.

This time we had the opportunity to interview the owner of the Mélange Apothecary, Denise Estrada.

Could you tell our readers a little about yourself and your amazing products?

We opened Melange (French, to mix or blend) in 2007. I have worked for the past two decades in product development, esthetics, retail and consulting. This has given me a unique perspective in that I enjoy the creative process of making something and can also draw on a lot of resources (fragrance, packaging, products) that might not be available to the average retailer. By combining all of these aspects, Melange was created: A place where people could have comfortable and total access to fragrances not widely found, wonderful products from other companies, beautiful and relaxed surroundings. We have a sit-down fragrance bar and over 80 (and growing) fragrances to peruse, blend and create your own personal fragrance blend. All formulas are stored on our computer in personal profiles. You can always access it or we can look up your fragrance for gifts, etc., We mix your personal fragrance into the product of your choice -- lotions, creams, body wash, spa products, home fragrance and eau de parfum. We make everything to order. Our price points are very reasonable (that was very important to me). The most expensive thing we blend is eau de parfum crimped to order $42. Body Cream $22. Body Lotion is $20. Parfum concentrate in a roller $18. Body Wash $18. Our concrete fragrances (more on these below) are only $10 each. Our philosophy is that we want people to make themselves at home while they are here; it is very relaxed and friendly here.

All of the products sound fabulous. Could you tell us which one is your favorite?

I love my body cream. The base is actually modeled on a face cream I used years ago. It holds the fragrance beautifully, leave the skin soft, but is non-greasy.I am currently blending Pomegranate & Grapefruit, a big favorite for fall and a year-around favorite for me -- my husband loves it. Also, I like the .35 ounce roller. I can customize it, carry it in my handbag, and travel with it. Gardenia with The' Blanc (white tea) and Amber are my current blend. I change them often.

The parfum blending kit is a genius idea. What was your inspiration for creating that?

People love the concrete parfumes. I make new batches every few weeks. A blend of fresh beeswax, jojoba and fragrance. Small enough for a handbag, pocket, diaperbag, etc., I noticed people layering and mixing them in the store. The $10 price allows people to afford more than one, so their natural inclination was to try and find fragrances they could wear along or combine! The four fragrances I chose (Feuille de Fromboise, Green Tea, Tuberose, Grenade) are all beautiful alone; yet compliment one another in multiple ways. People report back to me on the many ways they can combine them using different amounts and combinations.

What are your top three beauty products?

Personally: Bobbi Brown Makeup (I love her mascara), Bumble & Bumble hair products, Lucy B Lip gloss.

In Store: Custom blended parfum concentrate, Cote Bastide Home Ambiance, Claus Porto soaps (Oprah's favorites!)

What is the best piece of beauty advice you've ever received?

Sunscreen! Without a doubt.....

If you haven't checked out the site yet, head on over to
melangeapothecary.com. There are some great finds there. Also, there may be a giveaway coming up with something mentioned in the interview. Stay tuned!

With love (always),

Jennifer and Christine

picture courtesy of melangeapothecary.com
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