Tuesday, July 29, 2008

5 minutes, 5 questions with Petra Strand

We bring to you our next installment of 5 minutes, 5 questions with one of the founders of PIXI cosmetics, Petra Strand.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and PIXI cosmetics?

I have been a makeup artist for over 22 years. I am Swedish by birth but have lived for years in England and I now call Santa Barbara home. I am a mother of 2, a wife and creative director of PIXI Cosmetics. I love my job and equally I love downtime with my family. Beauty and makeup is my passion and PIXI was created from a desire to use professionally and personally products that just flatter the skin but have skin treats in every product so that there is a sense that you are not just covering but in a long term plan actually enhancing and nourishing your skin.

All of the products are just amazing. Is there one product in particular that you think every woman should have?

Thank you, so much care and attention goes into the range, so that over the last 9 years it has grown organically rather than from a marketing/PR perspective, everything is a "HERO" product to me. .....having said that if I found myself on that island deserted, in my hand I would hope to find...well,something I am so proud to have worked on, it is the Brightening Primer - it contains pure pearl powder that is an amino acid so it helps strengthen the skin. This primer has hydrating ans soothing proprieties and an amazing light reflective and brightening effect on tired and lacklustre skint and works amazingly as a pre-base for foundations or on it's own for fabulous skin. It has a soft, lilac pearl tone that is great even around the eyes to cut darkness. I literally use it everywhere.

Can you give us a quick five minute face for daytime in the Summer months?

Illuminating Tint & Conceal
- this is a fantastic base, that has your daily moisturizer, spf 20 with a skin flattering tint, that has illuminating properties for a slightly "airbrushed looking complexion" and in the tip is a skin perfecting concealer in a co-coordinating shade for dark circles and blemishes - plus it literally takes seconds. The Lid & Line - the lazy girl's new best friend: it is an instant polished looking eye make up that has a liner, powder shadow and smudger all in 1, so easy to get perfect peepers with this product. An instant perk me up would be achieved using the Lash Boosting Mascara in Blackest Blue - not only does this define the lashes but the intense black/sapphire pigment makes the whites of the eyes super bright making you look instantly "awake". Next, our famous PIXI Cheek Gel on the cheeks for that soft burst of colour, use finger tips to work into the complexion an oil free gel with oodles of aloe vera for that skin treating cheek colour and finish with a Rose Lip Treat for a nude and natural colour that nourishes your lips for hours with a luxurious blend of plant, rose waxes and extract. If you want to add a little more warmth for for a light bronzing with a Bronze Booster to add that soft, radiant warmth. This look is fresh, subtle, fuss free and takes literally seconds.

What three beauty products can you not live without?

A great tinted moisturizer, mascara, and blusher - with those 3 must have I can be ready for anything.

What was the best piece of beauty advice you've ever received?

That makeup should be about having fun,"Gilding the Lily", you know what....you make a mistake you can wash off and start again but always look after your skin.

A big thank you to Petra for taking time out of her schedule to answer our questions. If you are lucky enough to travel over to London, definitely check out the store. If it's not in your travel plans you can check out the awesome line of products online at pixibeauty.com and sephora.com. I know there are several items Jenn and I have our eyes on.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine

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