Monday, July 28, 2008

5 minutes, 5 questions with the stylists at the eiji salon

The Eiji Salon (pronounced a-gee), is a gorgeous retreat on the fabulous Madison Avenue.

The salon's owner, Eiji Yamane (pictured), is Japanese-born and famous for his "dry-cut" technique. Which, we've heard, is the best way to cut hair.

His services, as well as the services of his majorly talented staff, are sought after by many celebrities and New Yorkers in the know.

We think that it was pretty amazing that all of the stylists took the time to sit down and answer our questions.

So without further ado...

What is the hottest hairstyle for Summer?

Whatever shape or length, it is very easy, casual hair. Lots of layers, product, and air dried.

Is the bob truly over? Either way, what can we do to update it if we're in a rut?

The bob will never ever be over!! It has been in style since the 1920s. It should be updated for these times—2008/ 2009. Change the lengths of the bob. According to the type of woman, it should be clean with a lot of layers OR shaggy at ends w/ layering in the proper way to create shape and, of course, bangs—going off to one side!

What celebrity has the most requested hairstyle (in your salon)?

Madonna’s lazy curls- for long hair

Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes—the bob.

Keira Knightly (when she had short hair)

What would you say is the one mistake most women make when it comes to their hair?

Keeping it the same for years and years and never updating it. No matter what style, you could always keep the same style but update it.

What one product should every woman leave your salon with?

Eiji Water Be One Grace (which is a treatment you would apply to towel dried hair before styling. It's their most popular product and sells out fast - b.i.r.l.)

Considering while checking out a couple of reviews on this salon, they raved on about the decor, the atmosphere, the charming staff...and the meticulous attention to detail they use while cutting hair.

We're not talking quick shampoo, cut, and style. We're talking relaxing shampoo and head massage, blow dry and flat iron first, then precision cut. A process that takes at least an hour total!

We are so moving to NYC.

If you're curious and want to book an appointment with the talented staff at Eiji, head on over to or call (212) 838-3454.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
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Paula said...

I like the layout of the salon. When they move to NYC. I'll give them a try

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