Thursday, July 24, 2008

almost powder, lash power and superbalm

Almost Powder, Lash Power and Superbalm....these are a few of my favorite things....from Clinique.

As Jenn has mentioned I am getting ready to sail the seas this weekend with the hubby and my mission for the last month has been to figure out how in the world to bring all of my makeup essentials without having to bring a separate suitcase to hold it all. Especially now that you have to pay for every bag you check on a plane. Almost Powder($22.50) has made the cut, first off because I don't have to put it in the liquid ziploc going through airport security, and second because it is so easy to apply and it stays all day long and makes my skin feel fantastic. And it has SPF 15 and antioxidants.

My second fave from Clinique is the new Lash Power Mascara ($14). I really wanted to try this out before the cruise to see if it really works through humidity, rain, tears, what have you. And it does, nothing takes this stuff off except warm water and a cotton pad. A side note, it takes some getting used to when removing, it can go all over your face if you are too aggressive when wiping it off the lashes. The page on this mascara on shows you how to remove it, and makeup removers will not take this off either. Just water...warm water. I haven't decided which of my mascaras get to make the trip but this is in the running since I know it's not going anywhere. This would be a good one for the days we are on the plane getting to and from the cruise. I don't know if I would use it during the trip since it's not waterproof, I tested this out last week at our community pool. It didn't run down my face but my lashes all stuck together. Plus, do I really need mascara on to go snorkeling? I haven't decided yet.

And my latest purchase, a big thank you to Rob at Saks in Tyson's Galleria - if you need Clinique and are in the Tyson's area go see him - he's wonderful. Anyhoo, back to my acquisition of not 1 but 2 Superbalm Moisturizing Glosses($13.50) in Cocoa and Guava. I love these. I think I have worn one of them almost every day since I bought them a couple weekends ago. These are definitely coming with me. They are just the right amount of color and shine. They are lip balm plus gloss. And they definitely moisturize dry lips.

Head on over to your nearest Clinique counter or and check these out for yourselves, you won't be disappointed.

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