Friday, July 18, 2008

anastasia beverly hills...brow pencil

Not too long ago, I was the victim of a random eyebrow waxing attack.

It basically involved some waxer deciding that I didn't need a thicker eyebrow and decided to thin it from the arch down.

It looked like a squiggly tail.

The worst part was that they weren't even and she was completely obnoxious besides...not one apology.

Needless to say, I've been freaked out to try another random waxer.

I was hoping I was going to be able to take advantage of that waxing service we talked about a couple of months know...the one for the Anastasia Brow Studios that are at select Nordies?

But, I totally didn't have enough hair to warrant a waxing.

As of now, it's looking a lot better on the attacked side.

It's still in need of some more growth in areas...but, there's definitely been an improvement overall.

I'm attributing the growth to a couple of tips I learned from someone in the know and another product that I'm testing and shall be talked about later.

For now, let's talk about this.

This is awesome and my new best friend (sorry Christine).

The Brow Pencil ($20) by Anastasia Beverly Hills, is definitely something that's been getting a lot of use from me.

It fills in those little missing hairs and makes it look natural not painted on. The trick I've found that works for me, is to use short little strokes to fill in those missing hairs, and then go back over your work lightly with the spoolie on the other end. If you want it to last, be sure to set it with either the brow gel, a brow pomade, or a brow wax.

I'm using the medium ash color and you've seen the color of my brows. I think it works perfectly with my coloring. Any darker and my brows would be heading toward Strangeville.

Right now though, they just look fabulous.

Try for more information and to purchase...or try a Nordies near you.

photo courtesy of anastasia beverly hills
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LeeAnn P. said...

Yes! I have an anastasia brow set (pencil, highlighter and brow fix)
and I LOVE it! The highlighter pencil is really cool - just the right brightness to make me look a little more awake. Which is really helpful if you're chronically sleep-deprived like me (thanks kids)!

Samantha Smikle said...

i think the creator did a spot on oprah once, she's amazing!

i have a question...i want to venture into liquid foundation. And I'd used a fan brush to apply. I want something breathable and light and natural. Heard the dior sheer..something was good. Do you guys have any suggestions? THANKS

Anonymous said...

Bless you for the eyebrow pencil info.
I was also the unfortunate victim of an eyebrow waxing. I saw a picture of myself taken recently and couldn't even detect eyebrows - I looked so alien!

Jennifer said...

Hi Leeann!
Yes! We have ooodles more Anastasia products to rave about and the highlighter pencil is one of them! Kids will do that to you won't they? Little L is always up at the crack of dawn, waking me up. : )

Hi Samantha!

Hmmmm...whenever I think sheer and light, I always think tinted moisturizer. I've tried Bobbi Brown in the past and loved it. Christine is really into the Laura Mercier Tinted Foundation.
I was also thinking Prescriptives Virtually Fresh Skin Refining Makeup ($33) it comes in several colors and is described as having a buildable coverage. Another option could be to have one custom made for you at one of their counters. You can make it any coverage you want, add brighteners to it, anything...the possibilities are really endless. I'm actually thinking about getting one made this Fall and posting on it.
Also, after reading your comment, I realized that I've never tried any of the Dior foundations...none. I've literally tried at least one from each of the other big department store lines over the years, but never Dior's...I will have to check them out and see.
HTH and let me know what you decide to do! : )
Hi Anonymous!
*sniffs* I'm tearing up just thinking about it! The bad part is, is that this happened before too...a long time ago. That time, half of my eyebrow was missing! And no Laura Mercier pencil to save me then (her line wasn't around) I actually cut bangs to just below my eyebrows to hide them because I looked like an alien too! I feel your pain! I'll be posting on something for the over plucked/sparse brows soon darling! Hang in there! : )

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