Friday, July 25, 2008

another win-nah! our spinlash giveaway winners!

Okay...I know that I am so incredibly behind in announcing the winners.

See? That's why Christine can never go on a vacay again!

Without further ado or fanfare, here are the three winners for the Spinlash giveaway!

Stacye Lynn E.- Her idea? Overnight Miracle Worker. All natural products with 4 steps to skin that looks 20 years younger!

Leane G.
- Her idea? (see below)

Carrie C.
- Her idea? Mood Nailpolish. Nail polish that changes to suit your mood!

Yay! Congratulations all around! Each of you will be receiving a Spinlash of your very own!

These guys really had some fun ideas for a fantasy product! Here's the one that Leane wrote in with...

The Makeup Mask. A mask that you hold up to your face and it applies all of your basic makeup items like foundation, lips, blush, etc. Kind of like the salon hairdryer helmet that sets your hair, but with makeup and a "Jetson's" spin to it. Full makeup in a minute or less......every mom's dream time-saver.

Genius! Maybe one day, that'll be a reality!

Congratulations ladies...and be on the lookout for your new Spinlash!

We're so sorry to those that didn't win. We wish that we had enough to give one to each of you. Don't forget, you can always pick one up at your local Target for about $16.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine


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