Wednesday, July 2, 2008

artemis woman personal groomer

Women have it pretty tough.

We wax. We thread. We tweeze. We shave.

All to achieve hairless satisfaction.

Artemis has come out with a tool, that will become your best friend.

It's shaped like a pen and about the same size....meaning it can reach the places it needs to reach.

I actually tested it out on my (ahem) special place and it really did a great job. It trimmed what it should and didn't leave me feeling all red and raw, as shaving will sometimes. Plus, I didn't use any shaving cream or water.

It's meant to be used on the face as well, although I would decide from the beginning if I was going to use this on face or special place...because...well...that's just me.

I tend to wax any hairs on the face, but this would be great as an in-between appointment tool. It comes with a special attachment (that double sided comb looking thing) that you can use to trim unruly brows.

Personally, I think it would be great for trimming the hair at the nape of your neck if you have a short style and need a little grooming between appointments too.

The Artemis Woman Personal Groomer ($14.99) is available at,, and It will be available at other retailers come Fall 2008.

photo courtesy of artemis
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Anonymous said...

Interesting little tool.

Why oh why are we given facial hair we clearly us women do not need it?

Amir said...

These are fine product and main thing for which I vote its convenient shape, it is its shape who make it easy to use

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