Wednesday, July 16, 2008

aussie's new opposites attract styling products

You're probably wondering why we're featuring a big honkin bottle of hairspray over to the left.

Especially considering we both have an extreme aversion to the stuff.

Just ask Christine to tell you about Hairgate 2008. It involves hairspray, an insanely HUGE blowout, and helmet head.

It was bad...really bad.

What's so great about this new styling line from Aussie (other than the price...uh...hello...$2.99 each?!), is that it's meant to do away with the sticky hold you normally associate with most styling products.

The result is touchable, soft hair that rocks.

If you read this post, you already know that one of us loves the shampoo and conditioner (to be fair, Christine is testing out another combo that she'll be sharing with you soon).

So it's no surprise that these products are fabulous as well.

Let's start with the awesome Spray Gel.

It's great because you can direct it at the roots, where you need it.

Here's a great tip we learned from the Aussie Webinar...

After spraying the gel at your roots, don't use a brush on them. Just loosely blow dry at the roots and finish off with a round brush on the ends.

While the word mousse screams bad 80's hair...Aussie's Mousse is better. It provides a fabulous shine, volume, and hydration that that will have you changing your mind.

Our last product?

The Hairspray.

During the webinar, Sarah (Aussie's hair guru/spokesperson) gave a couple of tips on how she uses it.

One thing she does, is she mists a flat brush with the spray and runs it through the finished style.

This provides a light hold and prevents flyaways.

Or, if you're trying to create the perfect ponytail, spray your brush and brush your hair back to smooth it out and create the perfect pony.

Another tip? Use the hairspray as a styling product before flat ironing or using a curling iron.

Take a small section and mist it lightly, then use your iron of choice...this will help to lock in your style.

If you haven't been over to the Aussie need to get there stat. Sarah has some brilliant tips for hair and even has how-to videos, so you can see how to achieve those gorgeous styles at home. Click here to take you there.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Chrisine
photos courtesy of aussie
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