Wednesday, July 16, 2008

beauty buys under $10 - citre shine shine miracle aerosol shine serum

Who doesn't love gorgeous shiny hair?

I mean, I've never heard one person complain that their hair was too shiny.

There are some great products out there that will make your mane glisten like diamonds, but unfortunately some of those serums and sprays are a little steep for some people's budgets.

Considering that Christine and I are both on the hubby poop list for owning way too many expensive haircare products...and they haven't even seen the ones we've hidden in our secret stash...we figured that we'd bring you a product that does the job for way less money.

Citre Shine Shine Miracle Aerosol Shine Serum is an aerosol shine serum that does the same job as its more expensive salon counterparts.

It contains real fruit extracts combined with something called Citrus Micro-Luminates to create super shiny hair that looks phenomenal.

And it smells delicious.

Because it's in a spray form, you can mist it directly from the can to your finished do (be sure to hold it 6-8 inches from your head), spray it on a paddle brush and run it through your strands, or spray it in your hands and let those do the work.

Either way it's just fabulous...and it might just help get us off of that list.

Citre Shine can be found and many mass retailers, including Target and CVS. I found this online at

photo courtesy of citre shine
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Bryce said...

hey girls! this one is a gem:)
it's cheap, easy to use, and DEFINITELY works!

although i generally use pricier shampoos and conditioners, this product is perfect for finishing... and they say that a citrus scent makes people seem younger!

Jennifer said...

Hi Bryce!

Hey doll, thanks for the comment! I better start bathing in citrus then! : )

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