Monday, July 21, 2008

becca cosmetics - jenn's faves

Christine did a fabulous post on BECCA this past why this review?

Well...I'm loving me some BECCA myself right now.

Two of my faves?

BECCA Pressed Shimmer Powder ($38) in Princess. It's a fabulous rosy-gold shimmer that delivers just the right amount of color.

It's actually the perfect shade for my light to medium skin tone...and delivers the kind of naturally-radiant skin I'm always after.

The best part is, you can use it anywhere you need a little bit of oomph. Dust it over your cheekbones, your eyelids, temples, forehead, shoulders, or anywhere else you'd like to glow.

I've actually taken a brush similar to their Eye Colour Blender #35 , swiped it over my eyelids for a quick brightening wash of subtle color, and applied some of the powder to the inner part of my eyes for a real boost of wide awake-ness (yes I know that's not really a word...but it should be).

BECCA Jewel Dust in Titania ($24). It's a gorgeous, gorgeous metallic gray that's so in right now.

The pure pigments are so amazing and can be layered brilliantly, or worn on their own, and still deliver an impact.

I love to take my flat eyeliner brush (dry), place the color directly at the upper lash line, and smudge a little bit.


They also have plenty of other drool worthy products that are going on my wish list. From palettes to their sublime Beach Tint ($25) it's really hard to choose just one.

But, my birthday is right around the you listening Christine?

photos courtesy of becca cosmetics
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