Saturday, July 19, 2008

becca cosmetics

Here is a line of cosmetics that I am really, really liking right now: BECCA.

I have tried several different products so far and I like all of them. But right now I am loving the Glossy Lip Tint ($23). It is a long lasting translucent gloss that delivers radiant shine with a splash of colour.

As far as glosses go this is a far less sticky and is fairly long-lasting. And there are 26 different colors to choose from. I was just on the and they are out of stock of several colors but they seem to have them over at Even if they are out of a couple colors there are still over 20 to choose from.

And if you are in the market for a new mascara (yes I am still very much in love with my LashBlast but I like to have options), you should check out BECCA's Ultimate Mascara in either Black or Bronze for $24. According to the mascara has many benefits such as water-resistant against water, sweat and tears; makes lashes shinier, helps repair lashes and prevent lash lost. You don't hear of too many mascaras fighting lash lost. I have the Bronze color. i have only tired it a couple times but I like it so far. I am use to black or black/brown mascara so the color has taken some getting used to, but the mascara works well.

BECCA is available at Neiman Marcus,,, and fine retail boutiques nationwide.

I also have a couple eye shadows and shimmering powders that have gone into frequent rotation with my day-to-day faves. Their packaging is really nice and simple. It reminds me of NARS. The same sturdy rubber, that could probably withstand my son tossing it across the bathroom - not that he'll ever have the chance.

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