Saturday, July 19, 2008

bioelements moisture positive cleanser

For about a month and half now, I have left my most loved Kiehl's facial cleanser in the hall closet and gave Bioelements Moisture Positive Cleanser a try.

I was concerned it would be too much for my skin and totally make me break out. I am fairly convinced this is going to happen with pretty much every beauty product I try.

Instead, I have had very few breakouts and they were not due to this cleanser. It works great! And the smell, is wonderful. Even if the cleanser didn't work the smell would convince you your face was clean. It just smells clean. I think it's the combination of sage, lavender, rosemary, and sandalwood.

It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dried out and it also doesn't feel oily or not clean. It rinses off really well and I don't feel like I still have soap on.

Active Ingredients:
Ginseng, Sumac, Gotu Kola, Dong Quai and Watercress (adaptogenic herbs that support and strengthen the skin, helping it withstand stress)
Sandalwood (healing, soothing)
Sage (healing)
Geranium (astringent, regenerating)
Rosemary (antiseptic, balancing, rejuvenating)
Lavender (antiseptic, healing)

It also comes in a really nice glass bottle with a pump. It would look really nice out on the counter or in the shower (where mine lives).

Head on over to to find out where a salon or spa near you that sells the line of skincare.

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