Wednesday, July 9, 2008

carol's daughter big kahuna and shea souffle

The best thing about Carol's Daughter products, is that they are universal. We're loving these for our hubbies, but if they aren't careful...we might just swipe them ourselves.

Sandalwood and Vanilla Shea Souffle ($13) is light as air, but moisturizes like crazy. It contains 47% natural butters and oils, to leave your guy's skin feeling as soft as can be. Plus it doesn't contain any parabens, petroleum, or artificial colors.

We love it for our hands, feet, and elbows. Basically anywhere that needs intense hydration.

They love it because they think it'll bring them one step closer to a massage.

Sure...when you start reciprocating once in a while.

Another product that has one of our hubbies wearing a fragrance for the first time

The Big Kahuna Eau de Toilette ($27) has Big L telling Jennifer that the women he works with love the way he smells. Uh...yeah...thanks? Glad that we're both secure in our marriage.

Anyway...this scent combines Hawaiian white ginger, lettuce, white musk and fresh herbs for a really unique smell.

Just ask Big L.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
photos courtesy of carol's daughter
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