Sunday, July 13, 2008

cruise inspired looks for summer 2008

Well...Christine and her hubby are leaving for a cruise in a couple of weeks. While I'm trying my best to not be too jealous...she's racking her brain trying to figure out what to wear.

While talking on the phone one day...we pretty much came up with the same idea...hey let's do some cruise inspired looks!

Okay...we know...not exactly original...but give us a try and come up with amazing topics while a two and a half year old is trying to flush his stuffed animal down the toilet.

Our first look is simple, but makes an impact.

The Boho Black Floral Embroidery Dress ($58) is from Unique Vintage. It's simply gorgeous and it is absolutely perfect for right now. Throw on a little wrap and you can walk the decks after dinner.

Plus it looks like it costs a whole lot more than it does.

Pair it with sweet strappy high heels and you're on fire.

Our suggestion for makeup?

Well for about a nice pop of color on your cheeks and lips?

For the cheeks, we're feeling a little tangerine-y today. So how about NARS Blush in Gina ($25)?

It's a great color that doesn't contain shimmer...just oodles of sweet orange-y goodness...and it's absolutely fabulous on. Just grab a blush brush, dip it in, shake off the excess, and apply with a light hand directly to the apples of your beautiful little cheeks.

You can always build the color, if you need more.

For your luscious lips...

Turn it up by adding this marvelous lip gloss from NARS. Babe ($24) is a beautiful sheer orange red that just kicks your pout up a notch.

Add some mascara and voila...instant sexy.

Make sure to check out for other gorgeous shades.

With love (always)
Jennifer and Christine
photos courtesy of nars and unique vintage
proud members of total beauty and the bbn networks
Spas of America


Jenna said...

I just bought Babe and I LOVE IT. It's definitely a safe orange red, not nearly as strange on as it looks in the tube. More like cherry popsicle red. Very sexy. Even my boyfriend, who couldn't care less about the makeup I wear, told me it looks amazing!

Leeann said...

Fabu dress! And the shade of lipgloss...looks perfect for any woman! Great finds =)

Christine said...

I tried to buy the dress, they don't have it my size anymore :(

at least i have the blush and gloss, which is more important anyway - ha

Jennifer said...

Hi Jenna!

Babe is such a great color. I'm loving it and because of the red undertones, it's really more versatile than one would think! You know when a man says you look good, you do! Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Leeann!
Yes right? I love that dress...and the lipgloss is to-die. Thanks for stopping by darling! : )

Jennifer said...

Uh...not for long Christine...remember, we always have playdates at your house too...better keep those under lock and key! ; )

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