Friday, July 11, 2008


I heart this 5 Piece Brush Set from EcoTools ($10.99).

They are perfect for everyday use and for traveling.

I'm loving the fact that even though the bristles are synthetic, you'd never know it.

Seriously...close your eyes and try and tell the difference between any high end brush and these.

The wooden handles are actually made out of sustainable bamboo and the roll case is made out of 100% linen and hemp.

I simply cannot stop using the blush brush. It is so amazing and it really helps to apply your blush perfectly.

The rest of the brushes in the set include:

- an eye shading brush
- an angled flat eyeliner brush
- a lash and brow groomer
- a concealer brush

Buy this set and you pretty much have all of the basic brushes you need. For the price, it's truly a great deal...considering you're also buying something that helps the environment.

Speaking of environment, there are some A-List celebs who love the line too...Kate Hudson, Courtney Cox-Arquette, and Alicia Silverstone...just to name a few.

So make like a celeb and head on over to, for more information and to find out how to purchase.

photo courtesy of ecoTools
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Cheryl said...

when I bought an eyeshadow sweep brush from ecotools, it was so stiff it couldn't pick up any pigment at all! good thing it wasn't that expensive.

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