Thursday, July 3, 2008

global goddess chai cheek color

When I first saw this blush, I was terrified to use it. There is a whole lot of color going on there and I'm not one to go all crazy with color, especially with blush. I am still getting the hang of applying it and my greatest fear is having too much color and looking like a clown.

Jenn's advice... apply it with a light hand and use bronzer.

Bronzer?! What is the one thing I am more scared of than blush? Bronzer. It confuses me, but that is for another posting.

So, one morning I took a deep breath and applied the blush pictured to the right. Little MJ and I then went to Jenn's house for a playdate, and Jenn said, "Hey, I just got this blush and I want to see how it looks on you, you don't have anything on do you?"

So, I guess I was a little too light-handed.

I tried it a couple more times and now I think I have the hang of it. I still blend it in to an inch of it's life, but that can be said for the 2 other blushes I own. I find myself reaching for this one more often than other 2 as well. It seems to last most of the day and it looks like I have a nice flush but nothing drastic.

The Chai Cheek Color collection features Safflower Oil, which softens, smoothes and nourishes skin to create a creamy cushion. It also contains Green Tea, which helps fight free radicals to prevent premature aging, and natural Ginseng, that calms and balances skin for fresh and healthy tone and texture. Skin softening silicone hydrates and prevents moisture loss to keep you glowing.

The Chai Cheek Color comes in three different colors, Mirik, Chowrasta and Sattva (the one I have and is pictured above). All 3 can be purchased at for $20 each.

Now, I'm working on my bronzer skills, stay tuned for that posting.

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