Friday, July 4, 2008

how-to look more awake...even when you're like really, really tired

Admit it. You're tired.

You wish you could put two toothpicks in your eyes to prop them up, like in those old Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Well don't do that...cause it's dangerous.

And imagine how awkward it would be, trying to explain to the ER staff why exactly you have two toothpicks sticking out of your eyes.

A better solution?

Well..eye drops for one.*


A pencil like this.

Laura Geller Double Eye-Appeal and Sharpener ($19.50) is two pencils in one. One end contains a shimmery pale-gold highlighter that can be used in the corners of your eyes, the brow bone, or any other area you want to pop.

The other end contains a nude cream clarifier, that you use to line the inside rims of your lower lids.

The result?

You look bright eyed and refreshed.

Thank me later.

photo courtesy of laura geller
proud member of total beauty and the bbn networks

*as always, neither one of us are doctors and/or be sure to check with them before using anything you put into your eyes.

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