Wednesday, July 9, 2008

lust4luxe bags

This is not a blog about bags, although we love them a lot. Really we do.

One of us even has her own blog about bags...sorry...a little bit of self-promotion there.

This bag is from lust4luxe and it's marvelous. Called the Cherokee, it's made from buttery soft Italian leather and it just screams original.

Seriously. It's a bag you won't find on every arm you pass.

It's great for the Fall season up ahead. Picture it with cute skinny jeans, flats, and a cute slouchy tunic top.


The best part about these bags? They contain an internal lighting system that actually illuminates the contents of your bag. So you can finally find that lippy that likes to hang out at the bottom among all of the crumpled receipts.

How's that for cool?

You can also detach the light and use it at night to find your way.

Hello MacGyver.

Head on over to for more information and to find out how to purchase.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
photo courtesy of lust4luxe


Beka said...

That is so cute. I am a big-bagged junkie. The bigger, the better. I carry my life in these bags. Thanks for the review!

Daneen said...

This is my bag soulmate. I'm in love.

Jennifer said...

Hi Beka!

Nice of you to stop by! I agree, you can never have a big enough bag! : )

Hi Daneen!

*sigh* I know...I wish I could just buy up every bag I fell in love with. I was dying over yours at the Summit. : )

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