Monday, July 28, 2008

marimekko for avon eye and face palettes

I'm about to utter a phrase I never thought that I would say in my entire life...I'm so loving Avon right now.'s true.

No offense to you die hard Avon fans out there...I'm not judging you at all.

I've just never said to myself Hey I need to find myself an Avon rep and stat!

Until now.

Avon and Marimekko have collaborated on four new colorful palettes that are soon to be released.

Who is Marimekko you ask?

Well...they are a Finnish textile and clothing design company that was founded in 1951 and are known for their cute/adorable patterned fabrics that you just have to immerse yourself in.

For example?

Check out the I-gotta-have-it dress to the right.

See what I mean? Adorable.

Anyway...they are teaming up with (wait for it) Avon and coming out with two drool-worthy palettes.

First up is Marimekko for Avon All Over Face Palette ($10).

It's just too unbelievably darling for words. They manage to be both I-can't-touch-them-they-are-so-gorgeous and let-me-at-them at the same time.

They aren't available just yet, but they will be available in these two choices...Poppy Bloom and Poppy Bouquet.

Considering they are only $10 each, you could buy them both and be in Poppy heaven.

Don't stop drooling yet people...check out their eye shadow palettes...

I mean...really...Avon is just starting to freak me out with their fabulousness.

These are just to die, are they not?

Considering that these are only $8 a piece, you could create a ton of looks for only $16 total.

Again with the poppies and the same names for each...and are you not just loving the bottom right offering in all of its blue-y and lavender-y goodness?

I'm literally schvetzing here.

As I said before, they are not available as of yet on, but should be making an appearance soon.

If you are going totally banoodles over them (as am I sweeties) I suggest that you high tail it over there and add yourself to their Notify Me box for each of them. That way, when they do come out, you'll be the first to know!

photo of dress marimekko
other photos courtesy of avon

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jackson said...

I also love Marimekko and have just found a Web Site with the most fabulous range of Marimekko Fabric Wall Hangings which I would like to share with you.

sarahPUFFY said...

MEHHHHH. I prefer Mark. After my very first Mark YT vids, reps still contact me. I have a special bond with them. =D

I will admit to this though:

Avon glosses are boss as hell. I mean seriously. They feel great on the pout! Though they could last a bit longer...

Jennifer said...

Hi Jackson!

Thanks for the share!

Hi Puff!

As my dear mother would say...that's why they have a million different flavors of ice cream! I will say that the Mark eyeshadows that I've tried are ginormous in size though. : )

BeautyChick101 said...

Those look so cool! I can't wait to get my hands on these!

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