Thursday, July 3, 2008

melange apothecary fragrances

We love candles, almost as much as we love beauty products. Whenever one of us gets a new scent for our homes, the other is soon to follow because they just smell so yummy. One of our favorite picks had to do with a weakness for a sale at ye old Pottery Barn and some home scents.

Wow...did they smell amazing. Really.

That's why this line of home fragrances is right up our alley. We're dying over their fruity scents...which...hello...we could go around sniffing 365 days a year.

Okay...some of you may be thinking...really...fruit smells in like the dead of winter?

Well Denise Estrada figured that fruity scents can work all year round.

Because maybe people don't want to smell ginger bread and pumpkin pie scents (no offense...sometimes Jenn and Christine like a good pumpkin pie smell in the Fall too).

So, for Fall, she's lined up some drool worthy smells:

Pomegranite and Citrus - a blend of crisp pomegranite and fresh signature grapefruit.
Poire - a rich full-bodied Asian pear.
Casis Noir - with notes of black current just sound fabulous don't they?

Considering they cost $20 and have 60 hours of clean burning time...they are actually reasonably priced.

She also has body lotions, parfumes, and home diffusers, to keep her scents with you at all times. Check out her site for more information and how to purchase.

with love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
photo courtesy of melange apothecary
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