Saturday, July 5, 2008

min solution2

Solution2 is a new bikini skincare treatment, to help banish all things negative associated with hair removal.

I admit that there have been times when I have reached for my husband's aftershave razor bump lotion to help calm the post-shave of my bikini area and it has worked but his lotion smells, a guy. It smells great on him, but it's not necessarily what I want to smell like all day long.

I have tried this a couple times and so far it seems to work pretty well. Apparently, you can use this pretty much anywhere you shave or wax, but for me personally, once it has seen the bikini area it doesn't see anything else. So, I have not tried it anywhere else.

Solution2 is a roller ball applicator that glides on pretty smoothly. The solution is a combination of liquid aspirin with botanical ingredients, such as organic spearmint, that are proven to reduce pain, ingrown hair, razor bumps, redness and irritation associated with hair removal.

Solution2 is available at and fine spas nationwide for $20.


Spas of America


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