Monday, July 21, 2008

miss oops - mishap tape and nundies

We can't tell you how many times we've had our bra straps come flapping down during random occasions during the course of a day. It's really annoying. Especially when it happens when your hands aren't free to put them back where they belong...uh...because they are usually filled with a toddler, bag, groceries, and various stuff, on a daily basis.

Leave it to a woman (and mother of two) to come up with the brilliant solution below...

Miss Oops Mishap Tape ($6.99)—It's a stretchy double sided tape that you can use to stop gaping blouses, loose straps, screwy hemlines, puckered pockets, and flapping belts. Or any where else you can find a use for it.

What's great about it, is that it has a little bit of a thickness to it. That combined with the stretchiness makes it super comfortable.It's also
made with hypo-allergenic adhesive, so fabric gently sticks to skin or other fabric. Mishap Tape comes in 2 sizes, with 36 strips to a box.

We've actually tried the Mishap Tape on our floppy straps and voila! Nary a falling strap in sight!


Moving on to product number two...Nundies.

Um...okay...we're not even gonna lie here...this is not a problem that either one of us have. Neither one of us have ever gone commando...ever. But, we are not judgmental people here at b.i.r.l.. So if you often (or occasionally) choose to hit the town...sans your's another option.

Nundies ($15.00)—
These are basically disposable panti-less panties. All you do is attach them to your pants (on the inseam) with the adhesive tab and you're good to go!

Available in Buff, Black and Assorted.

All of the fabulous Miss Oops products can be found online at and at select merchants.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine
photos courtesy of miss oops
proud members of total beauty and the bbn networks
Spas of America


monique said...

i've heard great things about these products! i'm so happy you posted a pic of yourselves! you both look fabulous :)

btw, i've nominated you for a Brilliante Award! details are on my blog :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Monique!

Thanks for the compliment! We were just talking about how much we loved your pic too!

Thank you so much! We're very honored and flattered by your compliments! We'll get to work on ours asap!

elle said...

I'm a stylist in SoCal, I dress a number of clients using all the great products that have come along recently. Nundies is not one of them! The whole panty replacement products have been floating around here for at least for the last five years. If your going to go pantyless you should go with the COMMANDOS patches, check the website out, Pure comfort, so much it will put a smile on your face( in a good way).

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