Wednesday, July 2, 2008

nuvo cosmetics rose floral water

This facial spray has the most heavenly scent.

Probably because I love the smell of flowers...roses in particular.

Whenever I spray it, I'm reminded of a rose bush my father used to have in the back yard.

I used to sit by the bush, ignoring the threat of being stung by bees and immerse myself in the gorgeous aroma of roses in bloom.

Nuvo Cosmetics Rose Floral Water ($12) is an all natural facial toner. It's made from distilled water and rose essential oil...and that's it.


Keep it in the fridge and spritz it on your face any time you need a little pick me up. The rose oil has antiseptic qualities, soothing properties, and it also reduces redness.

Great for dry skin, but it also feels fantastic besides.

Another great find on

These Natural Olive Oil Soaps ($7 each). They look gorgeous in a bathroom and smell divine.

Made with natural unfiltered cold pressed olive oil, natural organic wild herbs or citrus fruits, and pure essential oils.

They are available in eight different scents: unscented, natural with olive tree leaves, orange, lemon, rose and sandalwood, basil, lavender, and rosemary.

We both tried the rose and sandalwood and the lavender. I'm curious to check out the rosemary because I'm a foodie and I love any of the herb scents. also has some other great products, all a decent price...definitely check them out.

photos courtesy of nuvo cosmetics
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