Saturday, July 26, 2008

our readers are the shiz-nit

We love you guys

That comes from the bottom of our hearts...for sure.

We're actually still in the running to win a chance to go to one of the spas that's listed in the Spas of America!

It's getting down to the wire and they'll be announcing the three winning blogs by August 5th...but we're still not getting babysitters yet.

We still need your help sweeties.

So please, keep clicking away on those Spas of America logos every time you see them!

As many times as you can.

What's your reward?

Hmmm...well...we have a couple of giveaways scheduled for this week...and for each week might just want to come back and see what we have to offer.

Stay tuned and thanks again darlings!

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine

Spas of America


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