Monday, July 7, 2008

the pedegg

Late night TV can be deadly.

Stay up way past your bedtime and before you know it you are the proud owner of a Chia Pet.

Better yet...that crazy exercise tape that promised to have me lose weight through breathing and by making the most outlandish faces ever.

Or Richard Simmons Deal a Meal...yeah...I actually bought that.

After basically cleaning out our entire house of one incredibly useless gadget after another a few months ago, I pretty much swore off buying anything gadget wise that was Made for TV.

That was...until I had a chance to try the PedEgg ($10).

This little wonder had me dying to get my hands on it from the get-go.

It sounded like it might actually work...what with the side of 100 micro files.

Thankfully it's also meant to be used on dry feet. So right there it get points for convenience.

If you remember, I had been using this disk up until now and liked the results. The one caveat? The little blue disk can only be used on feet that have been soaked, or at least wet.

After recently stopping my use of the blue disk (mainly due to my sheer laziness in the shower. I mean's takes enough time shaving my legs each time I'm in there.) my heels were a word...nasty.

So, I broke out the Ped Egg and went to town while watching TV this past Friday.

Why am I telling you the specific day? joke...this thing actually worked.

In two days my heels were so unbelievably soft.

Like I-can't-stop-touching-them soft.

It worked that well.

The crazy-gross-don't-show-your-hubby part? The shavings that collect in the storage compartment.

On the one hand it's crazy cool because it shows you that its working. On the other hand, it'll really gross out your husband while he's snacking on pretzels and watching a movie with you at 11 at night. Especially when you crack open the container and shove it under his nose to show him what you determine to be the most wild thing ever.

Yeah, that didn't go over so well.

But my heels are soft...and that's what matters. So whatever.

Head on over to, or try any Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens 'n Things, Target, and CVS to purchase.

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sarahPUFFY said...

I DID NOT want to give in and try it. But I had to. I find it works best when I take a warm damp towel, and press it against my feet. Then I follow up with a foot lotion, and its the best thing on earth. Mum and I are now believers [I believe only against my will].

Jennifer said...

Hey Sarah!
It is great isn't it?

I think that it's fantastic because it works on dry or wet. I love that option because I get really lazy and wetting my feet is just an extra step I don't always feel like making. ; )

sarahPUFFY said...

I really love that the blades don't cut or tug at my sensitive [dead] skin; and the creepy dry skin doesn't get everywhere. YAY for easy disposal!

stevemar2 said...

I am a guy and a really like the PedEgg. Using it makes me feel more comfortable going barefoot. I want to go out and buy a pair of nice sandals.

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