Wednesday, July 23, 2008

pureology nanoworks

With my newly highlighted tresses, comes greater haircare responsibility.

Enter Pureology and their Nanoworks line of products.

They are definitely not inexpensive to say the least...we're talking major splurge territory here. But I'm really loving how amazing they are.

As with all of the Pureology line of products, Nanoworks has the same AntiFade Complex, contains no sulfates, uses organic botanicals, and is 100% Vegan.

What's different is that Nanoworks uses Nano Technology and an Anti-Aging Complex, which team up to rejuvinate lack-luster hair that's been damaged.

It does this all with an amazing scent, that is totally different from the other Pureology range. This is a combination of lavender, mandarin orange, jasmine, bergamot, rose, and vanilla that melds together into the most intoxicating fragrance...I'm seriously sniffing my hair all day.

My favorite combination has to be the Pureology NanoWorks Shampoo and NanoWorks Luxury Hair Masque.

While I love their Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner ( the conditoner with the tingly sensation not just completely to-die-for?) the NanoWorks shampoo wins by a smidge, for it's ability to use it daily and giving my hair a lighter feeling overall. It really lathers up great and washes out well.

The NanoWorks Conditioner would be great as a very light daily conditioner, but I'm head over heels for the NanoWorks Luxury Masque. I use them together, each time I wash my hair.

The first thought, is that it would eventually weigh your hair down...but that's so not the case.

I start off my shower by washing my hair, then applying the masque (with the handy scoopy comb that allows you to use just the exact amount you need - a fact direction reader Christine figured out) and allowing it to sink in as I finish with the rest of my showerly duties. It rinses out perfectly, hydrates my hair amazingly, gives it such amazing body, and delivers tons of shine.


I still switch up my shampoos and conditioners during the week, but these two have earned themselves a spot in permanent rotation.

You can find out more about these and the other amazing members of the Pureology family, at

Read some more fabulous reviews on these at Total Beauty!

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BeautyChick101 said...

This mask is one of my absolute FAVE products! It smells amazing and always makes my hair so sleek and shiny. I know it's expensive but it's so worth it!

Jennifer said...

Hey Jamie!

I saw this in Lucky and a few blogs (like your amazing blog) and had been dying to try it ever since. It's definitely worth the splurge and I would buy it in a hearbeat...and hide the receipt from Big L! ; )

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