Friday, July 11, 2008

swag tees for the little ones

I was a 70's child.

Born and raised.

Now before you go thinking that I was born to some cool hippie parents...think again.


I was born to two of the most conservative people to ever walk the planet.

I was preppy before there was a preppy.

And I don't care who you talk to, the clothes in the 70's were horrible 80% of the time.

I mean, come on, who the heck thought that polyester would be acceptable for children's clothing?


As a child, my parents clothed me in Garanimals (which I just found out are still around to this day).

The Garanimals from that era, are nothing like the outfits of today.

I swear to you that every pair of pants that I wore, were of some varying colors of plaid and gingham (see left).


Not cute plaid either. Think mustard yellow and browns.

Yeah...pretty bad.

The worst part?

With Garanimals the pants match the shirt in some way.

So, not only did I have to walk around in ugly plaid bell bottom pants, I also had to walk around with a shirt featuring an animal applique done up in the same freakin fabric as my horrible pants.

So's ugly coming at you twice.

Thank goodness that the kids today have some choices out there. Clothing that actually looks adorable and fashionable at the same time.

Take these t-shirts for example.

These are Swag t-shirts ($54). They're the cool shirts you wished you had when you were a kid.

They've basically taken the same concept behind their uber chic adult line and pared it down to kid friendly sizes.

Big L and I are loving the Led Zeppelin one for Little L and Christine's little guy would look so amazingly pinch-his-cheeks-cute in the Ramones tee.

Right now, you can get them online at as sweet as they are, you better run over there now and get one...they won't last.

photos courtesy of honeys and heroes
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the Muse said...

rock on \w/!

Particularly rocking on to that LZ t...the Muse likey ;)

Christine said...

i would love to have mj rock the ramones t. too cute. can't wait to see little l in his lz shirt!

Jennifer said...


Yes! Big L is a huge Zeppelin fan too!

Totally...Mayer would be too cute for words!

Gail said...

Wow! Ramones AND Led Zeppelin! I'm headed over to buy some. I have some kids in desperate need of some cool! Too much cutesy stuff for kids, so it's nice to see something so cool!

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