Monday, July 21, 2008

zia natural skincare - 15 minute face lift

Last week, I reviewed a mask that was amazing, but might have been outside some people's budgets.

By like...a lot.

This one is a much more budget friendly option.

Zia Natural Skincare 15 Minute Face Lift
($21) is a great mask that doesn't contain harsh chemicals, artificial colors, or artificial fragrances.

It comes in the little kit you see here, with all that you see here. Including the cute little fan applicator brush, that makes you feel like you're in a spa.

Just add in some candles and some Enya and you're there.

It's really easy to add everything together, but you'll need a small container to mix the two ingredients in.

All I did was follow the directions and add a tablespoon of powder to a tablespoon of Sea Tonic Rosewater and Aloe Toner, to form a thin paste. I then applied it to my (clean) face and neck, with the brush and waited for 15-20 minutes. For me, by about 10 minutes I could feel it working. Make sure you keep your face still, because it's going to get a little tight feeling.

Have a wet washcloth ready to take it off and then rinse with warm water. Follow up with the same toner and a moisturizer (not provided).

While I don't have any wrinkles (so I can't attest for the temporary wrinkle reduction it talks about) it did tighten up my face and didn't leave my skin feeling dry. It did impart a nice glow, and made my skin feel refreshed.

This would be a good mask to try before an evening out (make sure you try it out before hand...just in case) to give a temporary lift, tightening, and glow.

On the Zia website, they also offer some other masks. Christine is going to be reviewing their Apple Refining Mask ($25) which is described as a clarifying treatment for clogged and sun damaged skin. I'm actually thinking about checking out their Citrus Night Time Reversal Mask ($6 for a trial size). It's said to reverse roughness and environmental damage while you sleep.

I'm also testing their Ultimate Eye Cream ($36) which I am loving so far. It's their number one eye cream and was the winner in the category for Best Eye Cream in the Better Nutrition Best of Beauty Awards 2008. A little tease? It smells phenomenal, it's the bomb, and it's so to come soon.

All of Zia's products are available at select fine health food stores and online at

photo courtesy of zia natural skincare
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