Tuesday, August 5, 2008

5 minutes, 5 questions with sarah potempa

Ever since the Aussie webinar, we've been adoring Sarah Potempa. She's a celebrity hairstylist, who's worked on a roster of well known clientele.

We loved her tips that she gave during the webinar. And we're thrilled that she was so willing to sit down and answer some questions for two stay-at-home moms and their fabulous readers...enjoy!

1. What is the hottest hairstyle that you're seeing for Fall?

This fall we will see more polished, soft waves. For the past couple of seasons we have been seeing messy, beach-like hair, and now it’s time to add moisture to your hair and create a smoother finish.

2. All of the Aussie products are just amazing. Could you pick the one product from the line, you think every woman should have?

The most important thing when learning how to work with your own hair is creating a solid foundation. Aussie’s 3-Minute Miracle will provide that foundation for all types of hair and for every different style. It is a deep conditioner, accented with Australian Aloe, which works quickly by adding moisture and penetrating deep into the cuticle of the hair. This preps the hair for future exposure to heat styling and allows for easier styling.

3. What are your three favorite beauty products?

My three favorite beauty products are moisturizer with SPF, a conditioning light mousse, and hairspray. I love to run outside in NYC and an everyday moisturizer with SPF is the key to maintaining a youthful appearance. As far as hair goes, I have always loved mousse to add volume and hairspray to maintain styles. Aussie just came out with a new line called Opposites Attract that has a styling mousse and a hairspray that feature a strong hold with touchable softness. These products have become my new favorites on photo shoots because they don’t leave your hair sticky and stiff!

4. What would you say is the one mistake most women make when it comes to their hair?

I think the biggest mistake that women make is a lack of education about their own hair. Styling hair is actually a lot of fun and can be very easy! I suggest the next time you are at the salon, ask your stylist for one tip. If you love how they use the curling iron, ask what size and how to wrap the hair. If you love the large Velcro rollers they use, find out where to get them and start trying it at home! You will be surprised at how simple and easy it is once you learn how.

5. What was the best piece of beauty advice you've ever received?

I trained with one of the original creative directors from Vidal Sassoon and she taught me that the single most important thing for having great hair is a good haircut. Finding someone who will take the time to cater to who you are and your lifestyle will have the biggest impact on your styling regime.

You can find out more about the phenomenal Sarah Potempa at sarahpotempa.com. Find out more about the Aussie line of haircare products over at aussie.com.

With love (always),
Jennifer and Christine

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