Monday, September 1, 2008

the perfect wearable dark lip...nars lipstick in porte vecchio

Alright, true I'm sitting at the computer the other morning, checking emails and doing a quick post on the blog.

Little L is playing with his toys and moving around the upstairs, while Big L was catching some last minute z's.

Now, Little L has learned how to get water to dispense from the fridge and loves to pour it out himself.

So, picture this...Little L keeps coming in saying Mommy want a sip?...I take a sip......want more?

Okay...I say.

He shuffles out happy and comes back again with more to you go Mommy. Drink.

I take a sip...mmmm thanks Little L.

More Mommy?

Ok I say.

This time he shuffles off and comes back really fast. I'm deep in thought, so when he says Mommy want a sip? I just reach out and take a sip.

Not remembering if I heard the water turn on from the fridge, this time I ask...Little L, where did you get the water from?

Toilet Mommy.

Yeah...that was my reaction too. That times about a million.

What does this have to do with this lip stick...well...nothing really. But after I gargled for about 3 minutes with mouthwash, I figured that I really needed to take my mind off of what just went in it.

Nars Lipstick in Porte Vecchio ($24) is deceiving because it looks really deep deep burgundy when you see it, but it's actually a sheer burgandy on. It's hue is right on trend with the colors for fall. It's a great shade that has the ability to look like a stain or a fabulous deeper color with just some layering.

I love wearing it on the sheer side with just a hint of the dark goodness showing. It makes it great for day.

To up the intensity for a night out, or if you just feel like going darker, add a couple of layers. Just don't forget to line your lips with a similar color lip pencil...try Nars Lip Liner in Marnie ($20) a great burgundy's a must when doing a deeper lip.


You can find Nars Cosmetics at any Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or Saks Fifth Avenue, or online at

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Anonymous said...

I love wearing it on the sheer side with just a hint of the dark goodness showing. It makes it great for day.

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