Sunday, August 17, 2008

anastasia beverly hills...all about brows kit

Something that we're loving right now is Anastasia Beverly Hills All About Brows Kit ($75).

While the kit we have came with a pink case and an instruction mini dvd...this is as close as we've seen.

For starters, let's begin with the tweezers, they are awesome. Truly awesome.

They grip superbly and do a phenomenal job of getting all of the hairs you need them to get.

Next comes the brow setting gel (in the tube) that's not goopy at all and helps to keep your brows in place.

Next comes the brush.

A combination of a spoolie and a brow brush. The spoolie end helps to brush every hair into place and aids in the brow neatening process...and the angled brow brush helps to apply her brow powder precisely.

The brow powder comes with two shades for you to use to fill in your brows. From what I've been reading, it's best to use two different shades to fill in your brows to keep them natural looking. Use the lighter shade for overall filling of sparse areas and then use the darker shade to define your arch. The spoolie comes into play here too in blending the powder to keep it soft. (editor's note: I should mention that I use the medium ash and Christine uses the ash blonde...both are absolutely perfect for us and our coloring and allowed us to avoid that freakish brow look we were worried about.)

The matte brow highlighter is great for...well...highlighting your under brow area. On the Anastasia website ( they also recommend using it outside your lip line. I think that would work right in the cupids bow of your lips beautifully...for great definition.

The stencils are fabulous if you're not quite sure where to tweeze, or how to shape your eyebrows.

They are easier to use than you'd originally think..considering both Christine and I looked at each other like how the heck are we supposed to use these things. We figured it out quickly and got the swing of it pretty easily after a couple of missteps*.

The final result?

Gorgeous brows that look naturally wonderful. Love.

No go on out there and pluck yourself crazy...but not too crazy.

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*Just in case you're still having a hard time, Sephora has the video that we got as well. It's really informative and helps with the process.


Tammy M said...

I won this set and LOVE it! I never thought I would spend this much money on my brows before, but when my powder runs out, I am so getting this again. Good quality makes such a difference. Plus, it prevents "sharpie" type brows :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Tammy!

Glad to hear the you won one! The kit is truly amazing and we love it! It's really made a difference in my brows. And, yes...I hate the "sharpie" brows too! : D

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